The Dodge Grand Caravan: A Minivan for Managing the Kids and the City

What do kids and cities have in common? They can both be incredibly stressful. And when you imagine trying to get kids from point A to point B in a city, for some the tension headache might already be kicking in.

One purchase that can make handling both easier is the right set of wheels. At Midway Dodge II we carry a large selection of Grand Caravans. Stylish and ranked as one of the best-selling minivans in the country for the past 30 years, this vehicle could easily be considered the "Rolls" of minivans!

To commemorate the long, illustrious life of this vehicle, along with the regular models buyers can also purchase 30th Anniversary Editions in both the SE and SXT model.


Both models come with standard features that have made the Grand Caravan a hard minivan to compete against. Specifically, we're talking about the Stow 'N Go seating which allows for easy seat collapse within a minute and up to 145 cubic feet of storage; perfect for taking a day trip to Lake Michigan.

But, if you want second row power windows, the Uconnect hands free system, or 17 inch carbon aluminum rims for some cool parent-cred, consider the SE 30th Anniversary Editon. Or if you want easier cleaning with leather seats, roof rack rails for the Stow 'N Place system, and fog lamps for those poor visibility days, then the SXT 30th Anniversary Edition has you covered as well.


For more information on these special models or a chance to see the Stow 'N Go system in action, contact us at Midway Dodge II in Chicago, IL.

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