How Dodge Was a Part of WWII

Although the best known WWII vehicle was the Jeep, you might be surprised to know that Dodge did its fair share to help troops in the Pacific and in Europe. Dodge actually produced a vehicle called the Dodge WC-56 Command Car. This vehicle was very much like the Jeep in that it was built for use in combat and boasted a large six-cylinder powertrain that was originally used in a standard civilian Dodge vehicle. This was only a very small piece of dodge’s contributions to the war effort.

After Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Dodge transformed its main Detroit plant into a factory that was primarily focused on the production of machinery and components needed to fight the war. These materials were produced in over 3 daily shifts that ran every single day of the week. Some of the things produced were vehicles made specifically for use on the front lines. Factory workers also manufactured radar antennas that could be used while mobile, gyrocompasses along with heavy artillery weapons and materials needed for popular bombers like the B-24 Liberator which helped people like those in 484th Bomb Group successfully carry out missions over Italian and German skies.

Dodge’s wartime efforts saw the factory payroll increase from 20,000 to 40,000 employees. Due to the massive size of this work force Dodge ended up creating hospitals, schools and even a fire department to help manage the size of Dodge’s massive wartime efforts.

During 1942, Dodge created an additional wartime production facility right in our back yard, here in Chicago. In its time this building was the tallest in the world and its primary focus was on the production of engines used in the large and famous B-29 Superfortress bomber.

There is no question that Dodge has contributed to this country when it needed to the most and that commitment continues with the New Dodge models that we have on our lot at Midway Dodge right here in Chicago.

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